A SMALL SELECTION FROM the exhibition: 

Untitled  (Two Men, One Woman) , graphite, 1938.

Untitled (Two Men, One Woman), graphite, 1938.

cleveland, 1938

Hughie Lee-Smith drew the many different faces of urban life in Cleveland he encountered during the Great Depression. Here an unflinching social-realism is conveyed with superb draughtmanship.


Untitled  (Head of a Young Woman, with Necklace) , ink monotype, circa 1960s.

Untitled (Head of a Young Woman, with Necklace), ink monotype, circa 1960s.

Chicago/detroit/new york, 1960-70

Lee-Smith expanded his range with great experimentation with monotype in the 1960s - a side of the artist's work that is seldom seen. These unique and direct images convey a great immediacy.


Two Abstract Masks and Screen , watercolor, 1993-4.

Two Abstract Masks and Screen, watercolor, 1993-4.

New Jersey, 1990

Late in his career, Lee-Smith developed a new and bold body of work in watercolor which refer back to his early work in theater, and forward to contemporary ideas of changing cultural identity.